Standing Tall: Ghadi's Second Chance

Ghadi, a thirty-eight-year-old Lebanese woman, lives independently and works as a teacher for learning difficulties. At a young age, she underwent an accident that caused the amputation of her legs, forcing her to rely on a wheelchair until she received the prosthetic limbs in 2016. She continued using these prostheses until her economic situation deteriorated, making it impossible to renew them.

When Ghadi applied for new prosthetic limbs through World Rehabilitation Fund, it became evident that she was experiencing severe pain in her legs and lower back, developing sores due to immobility issues while commuting to work. Additionally, she harbored a significant fear of falling to the ground, which had led to multiple hospital admissions for sores treatment and pain management.

Upon the approval of her request, Ghadi received ongoing support during the prosthetic limb preparation stages. After just a month, she received her new prostheses, and the transformation was remarkable. Ghadi could now move confidently without fear but with evident joy. She resumed her work without pain, able to stand in balance with a straight posture.

Ghadi expressed immense gratitude and satisfaction for receiving the prosthetic limbs through World Rehabilitation Fund's Project, which enabled her to continue her work and regain her self-reliance.