The Light After Battling against Circumstances

Nour Bhaij al-Najlat was born in Syria during the outbreak of the war. Unfortunately, complications arose during her delivery, resulting in lower body paralysis and deformity in her left foot.

Due to the dire circumstances in Syria, her family had to seek refuge in Lebanon for safety and to find opportunities to address Nour's condition. However, due to their financial struggles, her father could not afford the necessary treatment and a wheelchair to meet her needs.

As the years went by, Nour lived in isolation, confined to her home and unable to venture outside or engage in play like other children. At 11, Nour decided not to allow her condition to define her, striving to adapt to her circumstances even without essential tools like a wheelchair to aid her mobility. Despite the challenges, she persevered, venturing into the neighborhood to play with other children by crawling. Unfortunately, this led to injuries and eventually a fracture in her right hand, requiring pins and screws inserts for support. Nour's disappointment was profound, and her dreams of a normal childhood faded, mirroring the experiences of her peers.

Observing her daughter's mental state deteriorate, Nour's mother took it upon herself to alleviate her suffering. She reached out to the Mousawat Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre's Working Group, and after a thorough assessment of Nour's case, the team recognized the urgent need for a wheelchair.

Thanks to the team's diligent efforts, Nour received a wheelchair in a remarkably short period. This timely support played a crucial role in enhancing her mobility, instilling her with renewed confidence and hope. Nour began pursuing her studies at home, nurturing aspirations of attending school.

Nour's journey continues as she bravely confronts challenges and grapples with her difficulties. Each passing day, her inner light shines brighter, reigniting hope and optimism for her future. With her sights set on realizing her dreams and contributing to society in various ways she embodies courage and determination.