The Gift of Mobility: A Story with the CBR Program

Mostafa, a 2-year-old child born in Lebanon and residing with his family in the Jabal al-Badawi area, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, leading to challenges related to sitting, voluntary movement, and walking. On November 1st, 2022, the parents of Mostafa Hilal Harmouch submitted a request to the CBR Program, seeking approval for a specific service.

After a meeting with the parents, who were already acquainted with the program through Rahma Medical Center, CBR workers recognized the vital necessity of the service. They understood its potential impact on Mostafa's quality of life with the conditions necessary for its successful implementation.

The provided service offers comprehensive assistance, addressing aspects of Mostafa's needs. The parents' motivation for receiving this service stems from their strong desire to witness Mostafa sitting comfortably and independently, free from discomfort. They also aim to enable him to explore the outdoors and his surroundings.

Following a thorough assessment, the service successfully achieved the goals set by Mostafa's parents. They expressed, "The chair has made a remarkable difference in Mostafa's life, significantly enhancing his engagement with us. His happiness and contentment are evident when he is seated in the chair and utilizes it."

On behalf of the CBR workers at Rahma Medical Center, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the World Rehabilitation Fund, contributors and supporters. Their generosity has played a pivotal role in enabling transformative changes for those benefiting from the program's services.