The Journey to Communication and Socialization

Naya Hatem Al Abdullah is a 5 years old Syrian girl that was born in Lebanon. Naya was seen as a normal girl until her parents noticed that she was not reacting back to voices nor her name during the age of 2. She also had difficulties pronouncing words properly during her speech. Naya was diagnosed severe hearing impairment which is in affecting her speech and her socialization ability.


Naya’s parents applied for a hearing aid device through WRF’s project with PRM. As soon as Naya got her service through two consecutive visits, her attitude significantly changed to the better. She was able to express more, based on what she can hear and react with voice in a very significant way. This service also pushed the Naya’s parents to enroll her to the school since the hearing device helped Naya socialize and communicate in an improved manner. Naya’s parents were very grateful for the support, since they can watch their daughter grow in a healthier and normal process as kids within her age.