Sixteen year old Laurice Khalil, also known as Laura, grew up in a small village in the district of Jizzine-South Lebanon with her parents and siblings. Being the oldest child in her family, Laura was used to taking on early responsibilities and working under pressure. Her dream was that one day she would make it “big” as a famous actress or a successful film director.

One day Laura and her family were devastated with tragic news, her father passed away through a close encounter with a landmine. However, Laura found support through WRF disadvantaged Adolescent Girls Project, funded by UNDP. This mentoring program lifted her spirit and associated her with a new role model Mrs. Claudine Asaad, a social worker who volunteered to help her.

Although a bit hesitant at first, Laura and Claudine’s relationship grew strongly and the bond between them would never be broken. Upon the learning of Laura’s passion for film directing and acting, Claudine made her contacts and presented Laura with a marvelous surprise. Thanks to the project and Claudine “a star is born”: Laura was offered a full university scholarship to study film acting in Beirut and to fulfill her dream.

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