Paul Elias, born in 1969, is a construction worker from the small village of Ain-Majdalayn in the District of Jizzine-South Lebanon. Prominent in his profession, Paul enjoyed a good income and a peaceful life with his wife, daughter, and baby boy.

Never to Paul’s imagination would his journey to pick snails from a familiar field tragically change his life and that of his family forever. While searching diligently through the bushes, he accidentally stepped on a landmine which obliterated his left leg. Trying tirelessly to exit the field to safety, Paul again stepped on another mine which rid him of his right leg, leaving him lying hopelessly on the ground.

A man passing nearby saw Paul’s unfortunate accident and immediately called the Lebanese Red Cross for help. An ambulance soon arrived to the scene to transport Paul to the nearest hospital. Paul’s status was very unstable and according to doctors, Paul was near-death due to his excessive bleeding.

Luckily Paul survived; however, was now left to deal with the fact that he lost both of his legs and his job. Moreover, he was incurring huge financial blows to cover hospital care. Paul was fortunately able to purchase prosthetic limbs to support him in his new job as a backyard farmer, for he was no longer able to practice his old profession in construction. However, he could not help but worry about his increasing expenses and responsibilities. Despite the help of his brothers, Paul was still encountering financial difficulties.

Now, with the support of WRF’s Jizzine Economic Opportunity Project, Paul’s self-confidence and financial situation have improved and his hope for a better future has been reinstilled. Paul now is a trained Beekeeper and a member of the Development Cooperative in Jizzine. He can again support his family from the proceeds of the sales of honey and honey related products

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