Mohiba was 15 years old when she became a victim of a landmine explosion that took away the fingers of her right arm and maimed her left arm. This incident did not only affect her physically, but also psychologically, socially, and economically. For years Mohiba faced difficulty in working, taking care of herself, and coping with her surrounding.

In 1991 Mohiba got married. “My husband is mute and deaf, and communicating with him was quite complicated”, Mohiba says, “yet I lived with him a simple and happy life”. Today, Mohiba is the mother of a girl and twin baby boys.

During the past few years the economic situation of Mohiba’s family drastically deteriorated. “There were times when I could not afford to buy milk for my baby boys”, Mohiba says, “so I contacted Caritas, a Lebanese NGO, and when they knew I was a landmine survivors they referred me to WRF”.

Upon learning about WRF’s Jizzine Economic Opportunities Project, Mohiba was interested in the Poultry Program; however, she did not have land-space to build a henhouse. Nabil, a good man from Mohiba’s hometown, provided her with a piece of land and hired a worker to assist her in taking care of the hens. With this Poultry Program grant, Mohiba has a secure monthly income for her and her family.

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