“We have no work in winter and the grant is meeting our daily needs, especially for food.”(date: June 2010)

In a humble house that is more than 20 years old, with a brick roof and wooden windows, lives a family in Kfarhouna village of Jizzine District who benefits today from the project titled: “Expanding Economic Opportunities for Survivors of Landmines and Victims of War in the District of Jizzine – South Lebanon”. This is the family of Joseph Wakim whom is a war victim that was injured by a landmine in 1997 and suffering injuries all over his body that were gradually treated. With time, Joseph overcame this accident and its psychological consequences.

Joseph, now 48 years old, was raised by his mother Emily, his father Antoine and his brother Habib. He left school after the seventh grade and did not get married. He has been taking care of his family, especially after his father passed away in 1999 who was a carpenter and only breadwinner for the family. Joseph currently looks after his 80-year-old mother and his 50-year-old brother who suffers from a sight disorder.

During our meeting, he mentioned that he is taking care of his mother and brother as much as he can. He does several activities to ensure daily income from plowing land and painting houses to transporting people from his village to Jizzine in his own car for a small fee. However, all these activities cease in winter when the region becomes calm and quiet and commence again with the beginning of spring. With a shy smile, he said: “We don’t work in winter, but God always helps me ensure the basic daily needs for my mother and brother who has a hobby of playing the violin.”

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