Bshara, a landmine survivor, lost his left arm and had his other hand maimed as a result of a landmine explosion in 1987. Since then, Bshara’s family has been facing the complexities of life, especially the financial ones, owing to the difficulty for a person in his condition to find a job that secures a steady source of income.

With the launching of WRF’s Jizzine Economic Opportunity Project, Bshara became one of the beekeeping beneficiaries. However, with time Bshara’s physical conditions hindered him from taking care of the beehives. Samuel, his 9 year old son, started helping him in this mission after attending special training sessions related to beekeeping given by experts in the field.

Every weekend, Samuel wears a special suit, which was specifically ordered and provided to him by WRF, and accompanies his father to check on the beehives. “My son is the left arm that I lost”, Bshara says, “Without this big beekeeper I can not take care of the beehives on my own”. Today, after almost one year of receiving the beehives, and with the efforts of Samuel, Bshara has achieved the highest honey yield among all beneficiaries.

“Day by day I get more fascinated with how bees work and make honey”, Samuel says with a smile on his face. Samuel dreams of the day when he will be old enough to take care of the beehives on his own. Meanwhile with the start of the academic year, Samuel plans to help his father take care of the beehives during his play-time.

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