Empowering our target populations has been a major concern; consequently we at WRF spend much time and effort to collaborate with and involve all partners and friends in our programs. These partners and friends include concerned community members, NGOs and CBOs, local and national government officials and organizations, academic institutions, professional groups, international organizations and UN agencies, donor governments and agencies, as well as several others.

Close coordination with people in those fields has facilitated to the WRF smoother planning, launching, and implementing of all activities. Moreover, this coordination has minimized political resistance; boosted social acceptance; reduced the possibility of duplication, redundancy of interventions, and loss of valuable resources; as well as facilitated the sharing of information and experiences.

In addition to WRF’s main partnership with the COOP, of particular emphasis are the following counterparts:

Ongoing collaboration with the GDC has allowed the Project and the COOP to benefit from advice and technical assistance from the Directorate, its leadership, staff, and consultants. This ongoing and expanding collaboration has been essential in ensuring the successful creation and commissioning of the Resource Cooperative as well as maximizing efficacy and effective use of resources. It has also been of remarkable value in putting the COOP on a track of institutionalization and development. This is allowing the Cooperative to serve as an exemplary model for other cooperatives.

Close cooperation with the LEBANESE MINE ACTION CENTER (LMAC) has been instrumental in engaging concerned government sectors and ensuring support. Being the only mine victims’ assistance activity that has an economic opportunities, developmental, empowerment, and capacity building dimension, the Jizzine Project has proven to be of value and importance to all concerned within this framework in view of its exemplary nature, lessons learned, and success stories. This is particularly true with regard to the National Mine Victims Assistance Committee of the NDO and its member NGOs.

Since the initiation of the Project, and even during the preceding planning phase, community leaders and committed social activists and community members have been of great value in designing, launching and sustaining the Project and the COOP. These continue to be an asset to the success, progress, and sustainability of Project impacts and COOP achievements.

Partnership with the private sector has been of value in opening the market for the B.BALADY Products. The Project continues to invest in nurturing this partnership in view of its value in support of marketing and capacity building of the COOP and its members.

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