“Upgrading Income Generating Capacities of Survivors of Landmines” (October 2000 - December 2002)

The Small Scale Enterprise project was designed and developed as a pilot study with the aim to expand income generating capacities for landmine survivors and their families through the establishment of small enterprises in high risk areas of Lebanon. The project ensures the empowerment of landmine survivors and their families through the creation of sustainable work opportunities, skills development, experience gaining, and income generation.

The project was initiated in Rashaya and West Bekaa and was recently expanded to South Lebanon with a partnership strategy with local NGOs and authorities. To this point, seven small enterprises have been established; these include five “vending kiosks”, one shop for “electrical accessories”, and another one for “grocery”. Seven landmine survivors and their families in different areas in Lebanon are benefiting from the project, which provides them with decent work and income for a “better life”.
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